Keillor Mose
          I am in fact, a child of extraordinarily unique taste, whose knowledge in the fields  of wilderness survival, poetry, classical literature, and 'tennisography', is unsurpassed. I play tennis to that point, love to eat dark chocolate and cheese, being of dutch descent, and am several feet taller than the tallest man you've ever known or heard of. I have a terrible sense of humor that is enticed with little movie references and -- no that part about my humor is quite false actually... I do indicate on page 3987 of my application that I am in fact allergic to kiwis, yet they remain my favorite food, succulent as they are. I am full of factoids, and, less their uselessness, they can be quite valuable during conversations. I once turned a conversation destined for the "gutter" around into a thoughtful discussion over american politics (also in the gutter), and then again to a sprightly debate on where America draws the most historical ties, by using a simple factoid stating that scientists have only just discovered the only known species of animal on Earth not subject to contagious yawning, and that the largest vegetable on earth excluding trees, is a Yam. Well that pretty much concludes the froth atop my cup of character (ooohh what a horrendous metaphor that turned out to be!) and for now this is the minimum amount of information you need to know about me to steal my identity! Well as a matter of fact, when I begin to blog and post articles, you'll be able to draw much more insightful conclusions about my personality. Good luck with that...
-Keillor Mose **Here's to Ridgefield being an awesome town and an equally awesome  oxymoron!!! (if you catch the topographical reference...)
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