Oxford Parents Taken Aback by Wilton Youth Baseball Coach's Actions [UPDATE]

Video shows Wilton coach getting angry at game. Parents upset about his actions.

Updated, 9:53 a.m. Thursday

The Wilton baseball league put out this written statement regarding the incident described below:

"After receiving information about an incident occurring at a summer league tournament game this week, Wilton Little League is fully investigating all the facts surrounding the situation. There have been disciplinary actions levied against the coaches involved and the extent of these actions regarding anyone affiliated with Wilton Little League will be determined at the conclusion of our investigation."

Original Story

Several youth baseball parents in Oxford are enraged after seeing a video that shows a youth baseball coach from Wilton flipping out on an umpire during a game at Posy Panko Field in Oxford last weekend.

The video, which is attached to this article, shows how a coach from Wilton reacts when what he perceives as a bad call is made by an umpire during a 12-year-old all star game. The incident went on for so long that a parent took out her phone and began recording the belligerent coach's actions.

Parent Lisa Suttile, who serves as an assistant coach on the team, said she was embarrassed by the coach's actions not only because of the way he spoke to the umpire, but also because how he spoke to his team, by belittling them and swearing while describing the way they played. That portion was not caught on video.

"You just don't speak to umpires like that and you certainly don't speak to kids like that," Suttile said. "This was uncalled for."

She said incidents like this are all too common in our society and that parents, especially coaches, need to think before they act.

She said Oxford youth baseball officials are attempting to reach out to Wilton youth baseball officials to discuss the situation. She said she personally has not received a response and does not believe anyone else from Oxford had as of Wednesday morning.

Oxford Patch has made attempts to reach Wilton coaches but has been unsuccessful. We will attempt to follow up on this story.

Editor's Note: The video of this situation was submitted to Oxford Patch but was not clear. Star 99.9, the FM radio station in Connecticut, posted this video on their website after cleaning up the video to make it more clear. The radio station did not change the content of the video. Since their video was clear, we have embedded that one and attached it to this story.

Through the Rearview August 02, 2012 at 02:10 PM
Couldn't agree more and I have lived in Wilton my whole life
Through the Rearview August 02, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Kimberly, do you understand that you are a walking talking BLOGGING form of the exact person "Wilton Robots" is stereotyping. After reading this blog for about 20 minutes, I hope to never meet anyone like you.
Wool August 02, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Geez - back off. You're beginning to sound a little off balance with the tirads about the woman in Wilton. Granted, they are known for being superficial and materialistic but your comments are obsessive and over the top. Maybe you were one of those kicked out of the elite crowd and just want to rant. And yes, your comment was threatening in tone - is this really about little league coaches.
Wool August 02, 2012 at 04:53 PM
Wilton Moms maybe hotter, but once you get pass the Wilton # 3 blond hair dye, the layers of makeup, the snotty self serving attitude, the addiction to "mothers little helper", the daughters boyfriend, the tennis coach, the "chic" clothes and acting like their new money is really "old money" by thinking that driving a Range Rover is a sign of elitism. ( I'm a Brit , please note that very few in the UK own Range Rovers because we know that they are poorly made) what do you have left, well... nothing!
Through the Rearview August 02, 2012 at 07:35 PM
Wool - did you change personalities from your comment about 6 comments up? Pretty sure you just laid it in harder than anyone else has about the moms after reminding us that its about "little league coaches"


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