Ridgefield Houses Sold: Island Hill Avenue, Main Street, Keeler Drive, Florida Road, Mallory Hill Road, Blackman Road

This information comes from warrantee deeds filed with the Ridgefield Town Clerk

Matthew Criscuolo sold 4 Island Hill Ave., to Mladen Kresic Mary Jane Kresic on Feb. 11 for $360,000. Volume 975, page 1230.

Albert Shagory and Angela Shagory sold 520 Main St., #9, to Michael Laplante and Elise Millaway on Feb. 7 for $865,000. Volume 975, page 1109.

223 Florida Road LLC sold 223 Florida Road to Paul McCarthy on Feb. 6 for $515,000. Volume 975, page 1080.

Leslie Davis Kohl sold 12 Mallory Hill Road to Michael DeMarco on Feb. 5 for $243,500.

The Edward Lesh Revolkable Trust Dated 11/8/84 sold 76 Blackman Road to Lee Soper on Feb. 12 for $442,500. Volume 976, page 131.

Richard Vollhardt sold 228 Keeler Drive to Anne Marie Vollhardt on Feb. 12 for $610,000. Volume 976, page 222.

For information about property transfers in Ridgefield, visit the Ridgefield Town Clerk.


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