Ridgefield Houses Sold: Golf Lane, Peaceable Ridge Road, O'Neill Court, West Lane, Old Sib Road

The Ridgefield Town Clerk recorded the following transactions, including one for $1.8 million on Golf Lane.

Sturges Brothers Inc., sold Lot 4r, Golf Lane on Feb. 1 to George Garrett and Elizabeth Garrett, for $1.8 million. Volume 975, page 660.

Donna Case sold 20 Peaceable Ridge Road to William Donnelly on Feb. 4 for $728,000. Volume 975, page 728.

Mark Grindle and Angela Grindle sold 28 O'Neill Court to Nathan Yee on Jan. 31 for $935,000. Volume 975, page 475.

Susan Landau sold 220 West Lane to Jordan Kashansky on Jan. 31 for $550,000. Volume 975, page 529.

Julia Wong sold 190 Old Sib Road to John Wolf on Jan. 31 for $515,000. Volume 975, page 532.

For information about these property transfers, check with the Ridgefield Town Clerk.


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