$2.2 Million Sale on South Salem Road

Ridgefield property transfers recorded with the Town Clerk were robust for the last week.

James Tagliaferri sold 145 South Salem Road to HCC Holdings LLC on Nov. 28 for $2,253,641. Volume 971, page 43.

Joan McKenzie sold 31 Circle Drive to Julianna Mitchell on Nov. 30 for $557,000. Volume 971, page 374.

Amy Britt sold 6 Dogberry Lane on Nov. 30 to Ann S. Gehnrich for $210,000. Volume 971, page 388.

Nancy Murray, co-conservatrix sold 89 Seth Low Mountain Road to Mark and Evelyn Gasparino on Nov. 30 for $500,000. Volume 971, page 390.

Anthony D'Adamio sold 3 Standish Drive to Luis Fernandes on Nov. 30 for $755,000. Volume 971, page 462.

The Ridgefield Town Clerk provided this information.



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