Republicans Win Top Ballot Billing in Court

The court unanimously ruled in favor of the Republicans and against the secretary of state’s arguments.


Mitt Romney, Linda McMahon and other Republicans will get top billing on the ballots in Connecticut after the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of Republicans, according to the Associated Press.

Republicans sued for the placement because although Gov. Dannel P. Malloy beat Republican Tom Foley in 2010, the governor’s votes were split between the Working Families Party and Democrats. State law says that the party with the most votes gets top billing in the next election, and the Republicans had 20,000 more votes than Democrats due to the two-party split.

Secretary of State Denise Merrill, a Democrat, fought against the Republican request for top billing. According to the Associated Press, she said she “‘interpreted the statute in good faith and with due diligence.”   

sebastian dangerfield September 30, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Repubican but Ok--lets go over this slowly --because I want to understand where responsibility begins and ends. 1- Bush is President. Taking over for Clinton during a recession. When did he blame Clinton for the need for his policies? Answer -never. 2- The economy looked ok in 2006---but the country elected a Democratic Senate and HOuse. Ok --these are facts. 2a) If Obama can blame Bush and an obstructionist Congress---do you hold the 2006-2008 Congress to blame for any of the problems from 2006 till now? If you claim that Bush is only responsible for the fall of the economy, should you fault obama for blaming this Congress? Is Congress powerful and responsible , or are they not? In your analgogy you make a huge leap republican but-- Where are the 25 criminals? IN nov 2008 when he became president and made promises the unemployment rate was 6.5% It is now 8.1 %. It seems to me the analogy is the new sherriff now has 145 criminals running amok -- Can you explain where you got the 25 in jail? All his numbers are down. Maybe you meant at some point the criminal went to 222 and now are 145? and because its higher , but not at the high, we should consider him a success? Im wondering where you get your facts and impressions from? Being a republican and all, you seem strangely out of touch with real facts. Would you be so kind as to list your normal news sources? Is it " the Democratic national convention ?'
willard jr. September 30, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Yo fool, that must explain why bush / cheney sightings are about as rare as that of the wild yeti and the abominable snowman.
sebastian dangerfield September 30, 2012 at 05:38 AM
dude.. im simply pointing out facts. You are a stalker who has obviously very little else to do. You are welcome to continue these nonsensical posts that accomplsh little. I still post. Maybe you can try to counter my posts with real evidence of where I am misguided. Bush is unpopular. I am aware of that. Gore ran in 2000 asking Mr Clinton to keep his distance. I highly doubt you think that Clinton was wrong on much.....so your assertion that Bush must be wrong, if he is absent, does not prove much. Congress is either powerful or it is not. If Obama was impaired by the 2010-12 congress-then lets consider that the woes of this country were those of the 2006-2008 congress. If congress is not powerful, and we want to lay all the problems at the President's doorstep then Bush is entirely at fault, but then so is Obama. Im ok with either determination. However, its the way of Democrats, to blame Bush, and blame the republican house. In their mind, accepting some responsiblitly is terrifying. It applies to politicians--and it appear to apply to their approach to life. Reponsibility for taxes is not theirs. Responsbility for government is jetisoned to the repulbicans. Everything that happened in the last 4 years, with the exception of killing osama bin laden is the fault of republicans. I mean--its too bad that people actually reach this conclusion. But thats why fox news and msnbc exist. Dopes on both sides swallow this stuff.
sebastian dangerfield September 30, 2012 at 12:56 PM
The democrat political machine is very good. 4 years ago, no one was talking about social issues. Then, it was the wars. Now that wars are not the issue....in fact the economy is....they have effectively made the focus on immigration, war on women and gay marriage. The media enables this kid glove handling of the natiina focus. With high deficits, and unemployment, a growing threat in the middle east, we are speaking about gay marriage as a crucial element? Obama has been allowed to manipulate the public into bekieving its congress and bush that is responsible after nearly 4 years....1.5 of which he has had push back on his desire to spend heavily. Amazing to me how effective the brainwashing is. And since the media allows all of his b.s. it sticks. People are stupid...and the democrats seize on this notion. Bain is evil...they fire people. Ha. Yeah...they take companies that are underperforming and replace them with effective people. Thats how you try to make money and save companies. Yet making money is bad. Being poor the result of greedy people. Illegal immigration is heroic. Blah.
Thomas Soukup September 30, 2012 at 03:04 PM
Throwing stones at past presidents is never productive,regardless of your political persuasion. I am sure President Obama took office for what he thought he could accomplish, rather than pointing to the so called short comings of past presidents. Based on President Obama's previous bid for office, he made many promises which have yet to be fulfilled. Many of our nation's problems were to be resolved during his first 100 days in office. After four years, his accomplishments simply don't support the making of a good president. With few accomplishments to point to, the paradigm has shifted among many Democrats. It is far easier to point to Bush's alleged short comings than to point to President Obama's accomplishments. It's a sad day in America if we elect a president based on this.
Molly Malone September 30, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Throwing stones at past presidents is never productive,regardless of your political persuasion. Not so, in this case where Mitty would recycle Georgie's failed policies. Facts are facts.
Thomas Soukup September 30, 2012 at 03:47 PM
As Ronald would say, "there you go again"
Republican but... September 30, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Thomas, I'm surprised you think Obama could have changed the economic woes of the nation in the first 100 days. And if Obama said such a thing, I'm surprised at him too. I'm also surprised you think we should not hold past presidents accountable. The long and short of it, there were 15 men with box cutters who did a bad thing. But we as a nation did something worse. We used the opportunity to make a few people rich, while killing several hundred thousand others. And we did this on the financial backs of the American public, driving up our national debt as well as the expense to heat our homes and drive our cars, depleting our personal savings and sending people into ruin. Indeed, I think it's clear now that once productive men are taking their own lives in despair. The jury is still out, but I think the maneuverings between 2000 and 2008 might be looked at historically as the beginning of the end of our nation. And why did we do this? Aside from making some cronies rich, we did it to get the oil. Not that we wanted to give that oil at a cheap price to the American public. No, we wanted to get the oil and turn the screws and charge the American public even more, five time more than they were paying. I view George Bush and his puppet masters as the biggest act of greed ever put forth in history. And as I said, I'm a republican. An honest one. I see it for what it is. Is Obama perfect. No. But I'm willing to give him some leeway in cleaning up someone else's mess.
sebastian dangerfield September 30, 2012 at 08:06 PM
Republican but may i please ask why you are a republican. Give specifica. thanks. Hope you reply
Tom Falconieri September 30, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Is Obama perfect. No. But I'm willing to give him some leeway in cleaning up someone else's mess. CLEARLY YOU ARE A RINO AND OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!!!! Dumbest thing i have ever read in years. The recession was in place in the last year of the CLINTON PRESIDENCY !!D"OH!!!
sebastian dangerfield October 01, 2012 at 12:57 AM
nah--just another one of these guys who have below average intelligence, and pretend they are democrats . They are everywhere....not sure why they say that stuff, but given the rest of their posts are also always lies, it all fits together. it must suck having to make a point by lying.
Itsui Yakomitsu October 01, 2012 at 01:32 AM
it must suck having to make a point by lying. INDEED Ms cruz, INDEED... Luca Duff Cruz 12:50 pm on Thursday, September 27, 2012 Oh Yes Me Too, Thanks Libby. Im President of that organization. ANSI/National Restaurant Association / Certified Food Protection Manager and President / Certificate # ******* (expires. 01/12/2017) Now we both are qualified. Lets go ruin some people's lives!!
sebastian dangerfield October 01, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Amazing--Barack Obama is now looking for the Federal Government to bail out of jail many hispanics, so that they can vote in the swing states. These guys will stop at nothing-- Chicago style politics? You betcha!
S October 01, 2012 at 10:55 AM
Republican but.... just quoting Obama "One Term President" if I do not achieve these things. Gripe should be with him NOT me. ANy comments on his horrible respose to killing of the ambassador??? Or is it OK with you he blamed it on a video - NOT true! Or attend a fundraiser in Las Vegas? Or taped Letterman. I guess that is acceptavble to you?!
Thomas Soukup October 01, 2012 at 01:16 PM
Republican but.... Nowhere did I mention accountability,so let me tighten up my comment a bit. Using a previous president's record to excuse the incumbent from failed policies is no excuse. President Obama took on the job and made grandiose promises he has yet to fulfill. For four years Bush has been a crutch to explain away President Obama's shortcomings. If President Obama is reelected, there will still be those at the end of his second term who will say 8 years was not enough time for President Obama to correct Bush's mistakes. At what point will Obama supperters concede the actions of their failed president? Never I suppose. I hope the upcoming debates will be oriented toward the issues.
Molly Malone October 01, 2012 at 01:27 PM
Source? banana beck, racist rush? Haha, the desperation is setting in. 6:58PM EST September 29. 2012 - At least 10 Florida counties have identified possibly fraudulent voter registration forms turned in by a firm working for the state's Republican Party, election officials said today.
sebastian dangerfield October 01, 2012 at 06:52 PM
Molly 1) "you didnt look at my profite? You are a stalker you follow me everywhere I go. Ok, Liar?) 2- Nice copy and paste......according to the Attorney General there is no voter fraud. So no reason to push for photo I.D. Haha--once again, the limits of your intellect reveal themselves. hahaha a hahaha
sebastian dangerfield October 01, 2012 at 06:57 PM
Thomas I agree. One thing that will be interesting in the debates, is how Obama deals with challenges to his positions. Up until now, every interview, is soft ball , kid glove type questioning. He is used to never having to take responsibility. Until now, according to him, his greatest failing, was in his not having a conversation with the American people. Tell that to the people who face living on the streets, owing to unemployment. Tell that to the recent grads without a job. But, no---these comments are shoulder shrugged by the media. I remember when Hillary challenged his positions--he showed visable anger. No one should question him , is the guys attitude. Hope Romney can allow the American people to see the guy feels like he can say anything, and expect to get away with it.
Itsui Yakomota October 01, 2012 at 07:13 PM
I remember when Hillary challenged his positions--he showed visable anger - Lets watch Willard have myself a little hissy fit............... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c37VcgHUFVk
Thomas Soukup October 01, 2012 at 08:19 PM
Luca: You are on point,Obama has climbed atop his horse of self-righteous indignation and never let go of the reigns. I hope the upcoming debate will give Romney the opportunity to point to the issues the press and Obama do not want America to hear.
Harvey October 01, 2012 at 08:27 PM
I'm going to be watching the debate on my super high resolution big screen HD TV.... to see if if Romney's is wearing his magic underpants.
MAC October 01, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Obama counts on the votes of the ignorant and the DEPENDENT; and God knows there are millions and millions of both, sadly. If there were more common sense and INFORMED voters, Romney would win overwhelmingly, even in 'blue state' CT! "Among voters who are uncommitted to either of the leading candidates, just 10% believe the country is heading in the right direction. Only 24% approve of the way the president is performing his job."... "Obama has a one- or two-point lead in each of the Key Three States in this year’s election, Ohio,  Florida and Virginia.  All three states remain Toss-Ups in the Rasmussen Reports Electoral College Projections." http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/daily_presidential_tracking_poll Romney and Ryan, "America's Comeback Team," are our only hope for a return onto the path of Prosperity for our nation and children! ...“We cannot afford four more years like the last four years,” said Ed Gillespie, a senior [Romney] adviser overseeing the candidate’s message. “Whether it’s health care, energy, taxes and spending and debt, foreign policy, the message is we cannot afford four more years like the last four years.”... http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/election-2012/wp/2012/10/01/romney-settles-on-simple-message
Tom Falconieri October 01, 2012 at 11:52 PM
Harvey 4:27 pm on Monday, October 1, 2012 I'm going to be watching the debate on my super high resolution big screen HD TV.... to see if if Romney's is wearing his magic underpants. I am going to watch on my 70" SAMSUNG. It has surround sound so i can hear the O MANS BS IN STEREO> WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermann Zwergel October 02, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Luca, waiting for your source LIAR...................... Source? banana beck, racist rush? Haha, the desperation is setting in.
Hermann Zwergel October 02, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Hilarious !!!!!!!! like a 6 year old spoiled rich brat not getting his way,
paul d. October 02, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Joyce - pretending she is LUCA the weight lifting genius - been spending too much time to your boy Beck and now you don't respond? Very odd. And.... that's not fair Joyce (Luca)- I thought I was your stalker.
sebastian dangerfield October 02, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Paul D If you are not stalking me--then what is the point of your post here? Man, I have TOLD YOU . Now IM ORDERING YOU. Stay in the minor leagues. You always lose , when you take me on. Please, have some self-respect , and stop demonstrating your lack of intelligence. It's embarrassing me. ("been spending too much time to your boy Beck" Sure Paul. Ive been spending too much time to him. What a tard. What a waste you are.)
sebastian dangerfield October 02, 2012 at 02:29 AM
paul d. 8:38 am on Friday, January 13, 2012 I am a Republican. I agree 8-30g is wrong. The difference between us is that I hold our party responsible as a contributing factor for its passage and want the elected republicans who were in office and did nothing to stop it, replaced. Period. paul d. 8:34 am on Friday, January 13, 2012 Between the two of you maybe you can answer this question: Why does the democrat party dominate? So far you said, "Unions." Believable? No. Not when Rowland and Rell were the Governors for as long as they have been. Yes, I - as a Republican - can criticize my party for not doing enough. Pauld the republican that people recognize by his email Hey paul--you never seem to respond to the same question ive asked 40 times. How can someone recognize you by Paul D to email you? And why do you claim to be a republican , when 200 out of 200 posts have been anti-republican and pro democrat? Why lie? Ill keep asking. But the last thing you should be doing, is asking why I dont respond. Get it? You probably dont. But most people get it.
paul d. October 02, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Nothing there is anti republican - unless you think being critical of some things the republicans have been complicit in means one can't identify oneself with them. I am a registered Republican, I vote in Republican primaries, I get Linda McMahon's phone calls.... Too bad you are blinded by the glenn beck rhetoric. Joycee pooh.
sebastian dangerfield October 02, 2012 at 05:50 AM
Nah, i just am not a liar.. thinking that i can gain some respect for what I say, by changing who I am. If your comments were limited to the above, then of course, I would not understand who you are. The 200 anti republican, pro democrat posts that exist from paul d : one's that ooze hatred and bitterness, those are the ones that are the give-away. I never once watched glen beck. I form my ideas based on reading NY Times, wall street journal, listening to NPR, and PBS. I am not interested in extremist views--or lies. Unfortunatley, you are the one who is 'blinded' by rhetoric. When asked 'what policies of bush that obama has not followed , 'got us into this mess', you replied that the 2 illegitimate wars , the prescription drug program, and dereguation. I responded, that the wars were not illegitimate, since the were voted on , by congress, that you cannot name any regulations that bush lifted that caused anything that exists today, and the prescription drug plan , is part of obama care, so if you detest that plan, and think it wrong, then why support obama? This is not rhetoric, this is simple fact. To describe the wars as illegitimate and causative for todays problems is simply wrong---notwithstanding, that obama ordered a surge in afghanistan. Oh, you also posited that obama got us out of iraq. Which of course is also a falsity. Unless of course you want to say that the tax cuts that bush signed, also dont count? give it up-why pretend?


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