Land Swap Will Create Safer Newtown Road

Danbury agreed to swap land with the Hawley family along Route 6 near the Public Works facility in an effort to reduce traffic problems.

Danbury, Connecticut and the Hawley family, which owns the Plumtrees Plaza and land behind it along the Newtown Road are working together to reduce accidents in the area.

The plan is for the state Department of Transportation to improve the Newtown Road from its intersection with Plumtrees Road east toward downtown Danbury.

At about the same time, the city and the Hawley family will begin joint work on a new driveway into the city's Public Works facility on the Newtown Road.

The existing driveway enters the Newtown Road on a hill, and trucks have a difficult time turning up the hill safely. This area is one of the most accident prone in Danbury, according to the DOT and the regional planning agency, the Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials.

The entire project isn't expected to be completed for two or more years. In the end, the new driveway will meet Newtown Road at the light where the Old Newtown Road is today. That will be safer for trucks turning west toward downtown and for the cars following them.

Danbury will be paid the appraised value of the land, which is about $37,000, and the city will have to build its driveway. The Hawleys will build the first 150 feet of the driveway starting at the Newtown Road intersection. The driveway will give the Hawleys access to their property behind Plumtrees Plaza, which is home to Boston Market and Aldi's.

The City Council approved this measure unanimously Monday night.

Dave Bonan November 21, 2012 at 06:02 PM
no mention of the house that was demolished where the new driveway access will be built. Vision Appraisal either states it as owned by the Hawleys or Danbury but i'm guessing the owners were either paid for it or eminent domain? if you want to make it safer in the widening details, you should stripe 3 ft shoulder for cyclists and pedestrians. if it receives state money and/or federal funding thru TIGER, it needs a "complete streets" component.
Mark Langlois November 21, 2012 at 06:05 PM
Hi Still Flowing, Hawley bought the two houses and demolished them. The drawings for the state portion of the work are in DOT engineering now.


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