Caraluzzi's Market Update

The Caraluzzi's Market proposal details are now emerging from Danbury City Hall.
The Caraluzzi's Market proposal details are now emerging from Danbury City Hall.
The proposed Caraluzzi's Market on Mill Plain Road is purely conceptual and in development, said Mark Caraluzzi, president and CEO of the family company.

Caraluzzi's has plans before the Planning Commission and the Zoning Commission on a retail parcel that already won approval in 2010 for retail use that was never built.

Because the Caraluzzis changed the use from retail to grocery store, the Planning Commission requires a new approval called a special exception. A grocery store will attract more than 500 cars a day, which is called the "trip generator," and it needs the special exception. The commission continued the proposal to its Jan. 15 meeting.

The Zoning Commission is considering two other pieces of this development, a liquor store and the sale of beer at the grocery store. The zoning commission continued those reviews after hearing them Tuesday.

The land itself is next to Dutchess Restaurant, and the main driveway out of the site runs behind Dutchess to an area near the Aunt Hack intersection with Mill Plain Road. If approved, the grocery store and Aunt Hack will use the same traffic light. A second entrance/exit is proposed on Mill Plain Road, but the state is proposing cars or trucks would not be allowed to leave the site and cross two lanes of traffic to turn west. The plans call for widening Mill Plain Road to create turning lanes and stacking lanes in front of the grocery store.

Thomas Soukup December 21, 2013 at 07:51 AM
I wonder who pays for the new turning lanes?


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