Three Sent to Hospital After Accident Near Laurel Lane

A three-car-accident sent three people to the hospital this past Saturday in Ridgefield.

Police said an accident occurred on September 29 around 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of Danbury Road and Laurel Lane when a vehicle failed to stop in time and crashed into the rear of another stopped vehicle. The rear-ended vehicle was then pushed into the rear bumper of a third vehicle which was making a left onto Laurel Lane.

Police identified the driver who allegedly caused the crash as Samuel Haynes, 27, of Cobblestone Place, Wilton. The vehicle Haynes struck was driven by Kathryn Backman, 19, of Laurel Lane, Ridgefield. Haynes, Backman and her passenger, Amanda Backman, were sent to Danbury Hospital for unspecified injuries. Both Backman’s and Haynes’ cars were towed due to extensive damages, reports state.

The driver of the vehicle making a left onto Laurel Lane was identified as Edith Stillwell, 80, of High View Road, Ridgefield; Stillwell was not reported to have been injured, according to police reports.

Police issued Haynes an infraction for travelling too fast and for driving too close, according to police reports. 

Enough! October 02, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Another accident on route 7. How many does that make, one zillion accidents on route 7? (Sarcasm.) What is the plan here? The road was upgraded and made faster. What safety features were put in place? None? We made the highway faster but it still has people stopping in the middle of the road to make turns? Does that sound like a good idea? Do you see people stopping in the middle of I84 to make a left hand turn? Of course not because they thought that road out a little better. Route 7 still has no center median divider to prevent head on collisions, of which there are many. Was this a well thought out plan? Cars are now moving faster in opposite directions and they are only a foot apart. Really, this was the plan?? Where is the traffic light that's supposed to exist at the exact location where this latest accident occurred? It's been five years in the works? How long does it take to put in a traffic light? Who is responsible for the light? Is it Rudy or Jon Fry? Can someone with a little leadership ability please take hold of this situation and get the job done before another innocent person gets killed!
Alison October 07, 2012 at 04:29 PM
If i remember correctly, that part of route seven has always been that wide... 84 doesn't have any driveways attached to it, only exits... so why are you comparing 84 to route 7, where there are many driveways that lead to condominium complexes, businesses, and various other things?... While I see your point, putting a center median would be a terrible idea because drivers are constantly taking turns off route seven and they would be unable to do that. Did you think about the people that live directly on route seven? the condos, etc? they're going to need to make left turns to get to where they need to go. if your idea was to put them closer to 84, I could understand but not over by where this accident was.
Great_Idea October 07, 2012 at 04:49 PM
You're right Alison, let's do nothing and just let people die. I wouldn't want to inconvenience the condos owners just to save a few lives.
Alison October 07, 2012 at 05:36 PM
"Lets do nothing." That's not what I said, but that's fine. I was also referring to the businesses as well, if it's not convenient for the drivers to get in, it's also going to hurt the business. Never did I say that I was putting the convenience of these things before safety, but I mentioned that because it could possibly be something somebody with "leadership ability" would think of. I could imagine people who lived there or had businesses the petitioning against it, and it being this big issue. That's all. They ought to do something, though. I will agree with that. Putting in a few lights could help, and they should have more of them but that section is not wide enough for a center median. Route 7 is not a highway, and the only time it starts to resemble a highway is when you start getting closer to the Danbury line, and that's not the section that we are talking about. If more people paid attention to the fact that they were driving and to the cars around them, then accidents like these wouldn't happen as often, but unfortunately I don't see that happening any time soon.
Enough! October 07, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Alison said: "Route 7 is not a highway..." Therein lies the problem. It has been revamped so cars go as fast as on the highway. I typically see speeds of 65 mph. Yes I agree people are driving too fast, but that's what people do there now that the road is wider and smoother. We can ignore it and let innocent people die. Or we can adapt and at least try to make the road safer at these high speeds. But it seems like the planners skipped over the pesky detail that cars will be traveling fast, heading right at each other with only one foot separating them. I just don't think this was thought out well. The abundance of accidents back up my thinking. What do we have, one or two accidents every week now? For gosh sakes, at least put the traffic light in place by Laurel Lane. Five years is plenty long to wait for one traffic light. I checked. It's not Rudy. This is a state highway and so John Frey needs to push to make this happen. Come on John, get this traffic light in there already. Five years is too long. Once that is solved, let's look at what else cane be done.


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