Ridgefield K-9 Officer Zeus Retires After 8 Years on the Force

During his time as a K-9 officer, Zeus rescued residents at risk, tracked criminals and assisted in hundreds of narcotics arrests.

Retired Ridgefield Police K-9 Zeus. Photo Credit: RPD
Retired Ridgefield Police K-9 Zeus. Photo Credit: RPD
In May, the Ridgefield Police Department’s K-9 officer Zeus officially retired from duty.

Zeus, a 10-year-old German Shepard, has been with Rdigefield Police since 2006, when he was teamed with his handler, Officer Shawn Murray.

Zeus was certified as a police dog through Renbar Kennels in obedience, apprehension/handler protection, narcotics detection, area searches, tracking, article searches and building searches.

During Zeus’ career, he was responsible for over 250 narcotics arrests, performed hundreds of demonstrations for the public and conducted over 50 tracks for missing or wanted individuals.

During these tracks, Zeus located six individuals that were in life-threatening situations and six suspects that had fled the scene of crimes.

The largest amount of narcotics Zeus was responsible for seizing was 10 pounds of marijuana, which occurred in 2006.

Zeus was forced to retire as a result of a degenerative hip disorder after over 8 years of service. (The average working life of a police dog is 7 years.)

In retirement, Zeus will continue to live with his handler, Officer Murphy.

The RPD’s K-9 program is funded entirely by private donations and the department will be receiving a new K-9 in September.

In a release, the department thanked all who have contributed to the program over the years and, of course, Zeus, for the excellent service he provided.

porter gladstone III June 29, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Because if you wear a badge, then you no longer are held to the same laws as regular people. I fought for our country in Vietnam. But I have to obey laws, and if I shot someone, the police would be able to determine things pretty quickly. Id be charged, and then it would go to trial. But if youre a cop you work in a different system. Killing someone sets in motion a big campaign of finding justification. If you graduate high school and want to be a cop, that means you have a big layer of protection, because you are willing to break up underage drinking parties and pull over people without a seatbelt. But if you face the North Vietnamese Army and live in uninhabitable conditions you get to obey the same laws as everyone else.
emmers27 June 29, 2014 at 03:18 PM
Double standards exist all over Ridgefield. No one is allowed to park their car on the street overnight, well, except for some people. All student athletes must pay the pay-to-play fee, well, except for some students. No one is allowed to drink alcohol in the parks, well, except for some people. No one is allowed to shoplift, well... This is Ridgefield.
Murphy June 29, 2014 at 07:21 PM
Drunks shouldn't be threatening women and waving guns around. not obeying law enforcement personnel.
porter gladstone III June 29, 2014 at 10:28 PM
I agree Kevin. Can you tell me what the police report said? It happened 13 months ago. So, im sure that it's out. Because police don't get special treatment? Or do they?


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