Dogs Run from Overturned Vehicle on Cains Hill

The accident occurred on perhaps the most hilly and windy road in Ridgefield

Last Monday, August 13, a vehicle traveling east on Cains Hill Road crossed the double-yellow lines, sideswiped an oncoming vehicle, struck an off-road embankment, then flipped over onto its roof in the center of the road and slid into the bumper of a third vehicle, according to police reports. Two dogs which were in the capsized vehicle ran from the scene, reports state. 

The driver of the overturned vehicle, Kathryn Stersue, 55, of Redding Road in Redding, was transported to the hospital for observation of injuries, reports state. She was issued an infraction for failure to drive right and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.

No other injuries were reported.

Both dogs were later located. One was transported to a veterinarian in Redding for unspecified reasons/injuries, according to reports.

Stersue’s vehicle was towed due to extensive damages.


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