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The art of street provides an atypical subject for some, but fosters inspiration for those who can spot non-classic beauty. A unique multifaceted perspective of urban landscapes by artist Tom Peterson, David Hollier, and Michael Angelis is coming to Rockwell Art Galleries of Ridgefield.

RIDGEFIELD, CT – November 15, 2012 - Rockwell Art Galleries of Ridgefield explores the art of street in “Urban Era” featuring Tom Peterson, David Hollier, and Michael Angelis. November 15th - January 19th. The public is invited to an opening reception on Thursday November 15th from 5:30-7:30PM. The event is free and open to the public. Rockwell Art and Framing of Ridgefield


Tom Peterson scours the streets for details often overlooked by the passerby. A section of veneered plaster, a frozen vantage point of crossing angles, or a crystal clear bullseye of broken glass converts an otherwise pedestrian theme into an intense study. Since 2005, he has passionately dedicated his work to documenting Connecticut's urban centers. He generally finds places that are in a state of change and returns to them often. The more he returns, the more he sees. That familiarity provides him with opportunities to create unique sets of images and themes. 

“Many of the photographs focus on urban cityscapes with an emphasis on architectural structure and strong lighting. They provide an abstract view of every day structures we often pass by, but rarely notice. I see my photographs as a bridge for future generations to view our present everyday culture and surroundings.”

David Hollier, originally from Wolverhampton, England, is now a permanent resident of Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Hollier has developed a strong graphic aesthetic in various mediums including watercolor, spray paint, oil, and acrylic. He is considered a Documentarian with a keen interest in symbolism, theology and current affairs. His current group of works entitled “Logos in the Sky” illuminates the obvious as we are constantly infiltrated by visuals forcing us to take in information, process, and make decisions. Mr. Hollier’s thought provoking take on the urban landscape abbreviates a busy environment and converts it into a clever forum. Mr. Hollier has been an Adjunct Professor at Parsons The New School for Design since 2005.

Michael Angelis, a New Haven based painter, received his BFA from Purchase College, SUNY, in 2001 and his Masters in Art Education from Columbia University in 2005.

Michael’s en plein air paintings depicting urban landscapes of New Haven, CT neighborhoods have dominated the focus of his work over the past 4 years. The series began as a study of the street level experience underneath the overpasses of Route 91. Working directly in the environment influences the aesthetics in a much richer way than if the work were to be completed in the comfort of a studio setting, where it would imitate the photographs being used for reference. Furthermore, when time and effort is spent in these empty, seemingly invisible spaces beneath the highway, the painter finds that the act of painting (and the painting itself) become a conduit to the people who pass through: the painting becomes a conversation - the painter and pedestrian or driver communicate and talk about life in the city - the conversations become embedded in the makeup of the artwork.

Over time, his paintings have evolved to include depictions of other urban scenery such as parking garages and abandoned buildings. Mentally these might be unused and uninhabited places to the people who pass through and by them, but once activated by the artist and his easel, the places start to gain meaning to those who recognize what they see depicted on the canvas. Recently he has begun a series on the Route 95 reconstruction project in New Haven.
Michael has shown his work primarily in the New Haven area. He currently teaches art at
Joel Barlow High School in Redding, CT, and has taught there for the past seven


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