Health Dept. Satisfied, Baskin Robbins Reopens

The Ridgefield Health Dept. rescinded yesterday its temporary shut-down of Baskin Robbins .

Baskin Robbins reopened yesterday morning after the Ridgefield Health Department closed the ice cream shop for a week because of health violations which had to do with the owner sleeping there overnight.

Last week, the town’s Health Department’s Director Edward Briggs said that he had to be thoroughly assured that those violations would not continue in order for the shop to be reopened. On Monday, Briggs spoke with Dunkin Brands, Baskin Robbins’ franchisee, the owner and the owner’s daughter to gain that assurance. He was satisfied.

“While the place was closed, it was enough to clean and organize it; it allowed me time to talk to the daughter and figure out the situation and talk to Dunkin Brands to work out an agreement for everybody’s benefit,” said Briggs.

Briggs said that conversations with the daughter, who also assists her mother with work in the shop, helped facilitate clear communications with the owner.  

“She understands fully now that she’s not to be sleeping there, or have anything that indicates that she’s sleeping there at all, even occasionally,” said Briggs.

However, if another violation occurs, it would mean the end of Ridgefield Baskin Robbins’ owner Linda Wang’s vendor license.

“She understands the bottom line and that it [another violation] would result in an immediate revocation of her license the next time it happens,” said Briggs.

It’s not clear why Wang was sleeping at the shop, but it may have had to do with receiving late-night supplies. Briggs said that they were working to “get the delivery schedule altered so as not to get products delivered late at night.”

Two weeks ago Baskin Robbins received a failing grade of 82 during a health inspection because it was reportedly cluttered and personal products were found in the shop. On Monday it was inspected again and received a near-perfect score of 98. 

S October 03, 2012 at 10:53 AM
Still not sure why baskin Robbins was singled out in the Press. Is this a new thing every restaurant that fails gets a front page story on the online press? Is mr Briggs going to go to every restaurant in the town and see how much personal items are located in a business? Seems like Ms. Wang could sue for slander or something. Shame on All involved in this mess...including the posters who make assumptions and go on ranting.
AS October 03, 2012 at 12:03 PM
Wow 121 comments on the original article. This is what happens when people have nothing better to do! And I'm referring to both the slew of comments in a addition to the article gaining so much popularity, because Ridgefield is so perfect god forbid a health code violation be broken. I'm surprised this didn't make national headlines! How about everyone take a step back here. The real "health" code violation occurs every time someone sets foot into BR or Dunkin for that matter and consumes one of their fattening, diabetes inducing products!
S. McLaughlin October 03, 2012 at 01:22 PM
Again, thanks to the Health Dept for their diligence on behalf of all Ridgefield citizens. My mother’s intentions are not to make the store her abode and live there…she is just an extremely hardworking small business owner who is trying to do her best in these tough economy to generate profit by putting in extra hours to compensate. She has fallen asleep at work in the past, sometimes unintentionally while sitting down or when trying to catch a few hours after staying up late to finish her work rather than risk another accident while driving home exhausted. This is not something any of us (especially her) would like to do but that was how she is cleaning the store, staying out of the red, supporting other local businesses, and paying town/state/federal taxes. My mother is very sorry she has done this but prior to me explaining, my mother thought that since she lives, cooks, votes, pays mortgage, and 99.9% of her possessions are located in her home in Greenwich that she was not breaking any codes. She does not have any bedding or mattress at the ice cream store. She certainly wasn’t resting by the areas containing any food. Although suffering from hard times, she has a primary residence, she is not homeless. Her actions are of someone who spent at least 16 hours (if not more) daily in the same small location and accumulated personal items over the past 8 years.
S. McLaughlin October 03, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Her tiny store may be cluttered but certainly is not unsanitary. As mentioned above, she got another 98 on her town health inspection yesterday. Prior to 9/19/12, every single one of the Ridgefield health inspections has been in the 90′s, as high as 98 and 99. To my knowledge, 9/19 is the only time the Ridgefield store received a score lower than 90 (with an 82) and time only ever had a critical 4 demerit item. It was for items placed in the hand sink–removed. 3 demit items–none. Remaining--non-critical 2 and 1 point items. The Baskin/Dunkin brand monitors franchisees closely including unannounced inspections which are even more in depth and more detailed than one done by the health department. My mother has promised Mr. Briggs to refrain from sleeping there, even napping, and all her personal belongings are now in a locker. Again, if anything is of a concern, please let us know at 360912dunkind@sbcglobal.net so we may correct.
S. McLaughlin October 03, 2012 at 01:46 PM
My mother apologizes to everyone for this misunderstanding. Please come in to see the condition of the store yourself. She would like to thank you by offering a 10% discount off everything today & tomorrow!!!!
Christine E. October 03, 2012 at 07:58 PM
You have been so well spoken and seem unbelievably sincere. There are two sides of every story, and everyone has been ready to condemn your mother without bothering to find out more facts than what they've read on Patch - which is vague, to say the least. I understand what your mother goes through. Any of us who live, breathe and suffer for our businesses spends an unthinkable amount of time trying to make things work to support their families. This is usually at the cost of no sleep, no sick days, no vacations and very little social time with loved ones. People who work 9-5 desk jobs simply don't understand.
Wayne Addessi October 03, 2012 at 09:11 PM
Well said Christine. I hope good comes from all this. If I can help please contact me at my store on Main Street.
S. McLaughlin October 03, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Appreciate all your comments Christine. Problems are never perfect spheres, where all sides are the same, but more like crappy logs, one way it looks like a rectangle, another, a circle... My mother doesn't fully understand all the posts but she is truly upset that people thought badly, not just of the store, but of her. I'm thankful we were able to bridge the misunderstanding and language barriers to a large extent. It's very hard for someone who is from another culture with different set of values and point of reference to explain her side in a way that will not be misconstrued. It also is extremely tough to understand why she would have to do something that doesn't seem right to her. At home, it took a lot of yelling on both our sides to get my mom to change her thinking. BTW I worked for my parents basically full-time during school from 1985-1992, then owned a retail store from 1995-1998. Yes, I took a 8-6 job in finance for the past 14 yrs so I could have a break!! ;)
Sister Sarah October 04, 2012 at 12:16 AM
S.M. God bless you and mom, and President Obama. ps: have you considered a career in PR ?
oldtimer October 06, 2012 at 11:30 AM
Wayne! UR thinking of un-seating Rudolph, possibly?


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