Heavy Voter Turnout Reported in Ridgefield

Many voters are turning up at the polling place at East Ridge Middle School.

Geoff Nielsen arrived at the East Ridge Middle School poll today to vote without even yet having made up his mind which presidential candidate to vote for.

“I don’t trust either of them as much as I’d like,” he said as other voters passed by coming and going from the poll, and he wasn’t sure this election was as important as it’s been portrayed by the news media.

But many other voters who came to vote, in what is seen as a heavy turnout in Ridgefield, had made up their minds and agreed with pundits about its importance.

Strong Turnout

The town registrars, who had the townwide voting numbers, were sequestered in town hall counting absentee ballots, but Moderator Ellen Tarsi at the East Ridge Middle School poll said as of noon, 2,365 town residents had cast their votes there - a strong turnout.

Tarsi could not provide a percentage, because the Registrar of Voters office hadn’t yet called with the number of eligible voters for the East Ridge district.

She said voters had been arriving steadily since the polls opened at 6 a.m., and expected that to continue until the polls closed at 8 p.m. tonight.

Tarsi said she didn’t know how the turnout was at other Ridgefield polling places, but guessed it was probably the same.


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