Mary Kennedy Remembered as 'Warm,' 'Caring' and Gracious'; Funeral Today

Residents say she should be remembered not for her recent troubles but for her kindness and generous commitment to local causes.


While officials worked to discover the cause friends remembered Bedford resident Mary Richardson Kennedy in life as an energetic professional and warm, caring individual.

"She was very easy to talk to and so supportive of our work," said Brian Skanes, executive director of the in Mt. Kisco. Kennedy was involved in the nonprofit organization for several years as a volunteer on the club's annual fundraising dinner. When she heard about the club's Youth of the Year awards, she volunteered to host the event at her home.

An accomplished architect, Kennedy led the renovations on her home on South Bedford Road, which included several ecologically-friendly designs.

"For several weeks leading up to the dinner I visited her at home, which was still under construction, and I'd say 'Mary, will this be ready?' and she'd smile and assure me. , it was beautiful. She was just a warm and caring person," said Skanes.

Kennedy was Wednesday in a barn behind her house by . The Westchester County Medical Examiner's Office afternoon that the cause of her death was asphyxiation by hanging.

A wake is planned for Friday at the family's home on South Bedford Road, ABC news reports, through a family publicist. Funeral services are scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday at . The Richardson side of the family said in its statement that it was planning a private memorial service in Manhattan and Mary Kennedy will be buried in Hyannisport, MA, where the Kennedy family has a compound, according to the story.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mary Richardson Kennedy were married in 1994, and filed for divorce in 2010, shortly after Mary Kennedy involving prescription drugs and alcohol. The couple had four children together.

Locals say she should be remembered not for her recent troubles, but for her kindness and generous commitment to local causes.

"We are so saddened to learn about the passing of Mary," said Mary Beth Kass, co-chair of , an organization dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable practices. Kennedy participated in the nonprofit's first energy advisory forum in 2007 and has supported its efforts toward home energy efficiency.

"She was such a lovely, warm and gracious person and was always willing to assist us with our environmental goals," said Kass. "She shared her experience and photos of their beautiful green home renovation—that forum was the beginning of Bedford's focus on home energy efficiency. Mary's generosity, approachability and willingness to share her personal environmental efforts with our community has done a lot to addvance Bedford 2020's goals. We are grateful and will miss having her as our Bedford neighbor."

Peter Michaelis, Bedford resident and longtime friend of Kennedy, yesterday remembered her as a "caring friend," and "someone who was always there for you." The two knew each other as teens in Washington D.C. and later, as fellow college students at Brown University.

N. Powers May 19, 2012 at 10:43 AM
She Should Have Shot Kennedy First... After Being Married 22 Years Kennedy Bastard Was Too Cruel To Mary... Hope She Haunts Him
Fr Murphy May 19, 2012 at 12:34 PM
you're a completely classless idiot.
BSSST May 19, 2012 at 01:26 PM
No, she should have divorced him after his first affair and taken 1/2 his money and their kids. Taking his money through a divorce would have hurt him more than destroying her own self-esteem and killing herself. Too bad she was either so in love with him or weak to stand up to this POS Kennedy. And why, I ask, was she suffering financially in the year or two before her death? She should not have had to worry about paying that American Express bill ---- this is a sure sign that he was not living up to his obligations to his family. I am pretty sure Cheryl Hines was not picking up the tab for dinners, entertainment and travel...... all while his WIFE suffered. Is anyone wondering why she drank and was depressed. The explanation is pretty clear that his selfishness and uncaring spirit toward her killed her. And what woman would be able to easily "move on with her life" seeing pictures of her husband covorting with Cheryl Hines all over the internet. She would have been better equipped 5 years ago to dump his sorry butt. Life will not be entirely easy for him though now -- kids had a ringside seat to seeing WHY their mother went downhill. I know a family with this same scenario & the kids flat out told their father after the death "You killed our beautiful mother -- don't think we will accept any of your women after her death. He has an uphill battle to fix the relationship with his kids now. That is a guarantee.
Cathy Stark May 19, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Mary and Robert have apparently been through all the same stuff that's gone down in my marriage and it's obvious she would rather blame then change. I don't care how much she hated him don't do that to the kids and if her kids read this be advised this had nothing to do with u your mom surely loved u. Don't post nasty stuff if Mary worked it out to see her husbands side she would have been ok and could move on. Community should support the family please pray for her soul and her family and her husband who prop ably tried to help her she just could not help herself
medavinci May 19, 2012 at 10:21 PM
I totally agree 100%! And WHY was that idiot Larry David there and waving to the crowd like it was his day? Cheryl Hines worked with him on Curb Your Enthusiasm. He should not have been there - I don't care if he was a friend of RFK Jr's or not. Show respect for this poor soul! I pray for the repose of Mary's soul, and for the safety and happiness of her children. That's all she would have wanted.He drove her to this act, and I heard Lawrence Leamer (who made money off the kennedy books) say "for the Kennedys who are catholic, suicide is terrible." I'm Catholic, and so is infidelity, abuse and divorce if you are a true Catholic. Did RFK jr or any of the male kennedy's ever respect those doctrines? I think not!
medavinci May 19, 2012 at 10:24 PM
Her husband was 100% to blame! Yes, I, too, am going through a bad situation, and her feeling that she had no other way out (due to the Kennedy brutes) showed that she was such a tortured soul. She drank because of RFK jr; perhaps had she not married the cheater, she would still be alive. He wouldn't support her, and he was breaking laws by not doing so, and now at the funeral he says he never loved anyone the way he loved her now and always. BS! He should have helped her and supported her and not taken her children who were life away from her. He will have to live with that the rest of sorry days.
MrsT May 24, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Cheryl Hines is not his first affair. Bubby is a womanizer. He weakened Mary mentally because he made her think his running around was all in her head. I'm sure he told her she needed to lose weight, she wasn't smart enough, pretty enough, good enough. Men like him can't blame themselves so they project their self loathing onto their spouses , making the reason for the cheating all the wife's fault. He systematically destroyed her. She believed she was worth nothing and was going to be be in the extreme pain forever. She didn't see an end in sight. She believed he would come back to her because he always had before. The greatest sin here is what Bubby and Cheryl did because they destroyed Mary one restraining order and one tweet at a time! Also, if she was so unstable through her whole life why the heck did he continue to have children with her..........4 is quite a few if you think the spouse is unstable!!
MrsT May 24, 2012 at 07:21 PM
Cathy, He was financially bankrupting her, taking her kids, didn't let her spend Mother's Day with them. He was blatantly dating before the divorce was final. His girlfriend was tweeting pictures of herself with Mary's kids and Mary's friends---Glen Close, Kerry Kennedy. Why was the divorce taking so long? Bubby didn't want Mary to have anything! He wanted to destroy her. He no longer wanted her, but he wouldn't let her family have her back for her funeral or burial. She was no longer welcome at Hyannisport, but he buried her there.........cruel! He wouldn't let her children attend the memorial service her family held. He has the power and the money and abused both to further hurt Mary and her family! He is scum. You can't compare your marriage to theirs unless your husband is a high profile public figure and he's dating a Hollywood slore.
medavinci May 27, 2012 at 03:31 AM
I just read today that he also had an affair with the wife of the polo player that her "best friend" Kerry kennedy ran off with! This is clearly a narcissist who won't take responsibility for what happened to poor Mary. Initially they said that she left a suicide note, and now RFK jr put out a statement that she DIDN'T. Was it incriminating him? I hope the authorities and Mary's family look into this further. On top of it, he apparently stated at the eulogy that everyone reached out to him and said "don't blame yourself for this because she had emotional problems you could not fix," and he said he did everything in his power to intervene and get her help. Then apparently, he claims, the night before she took her life, she called him and said "I'm a good girl you know that right?" And he said "yes, you're a good girl." They reported this in the NY Post, so how accurate it is, I can't say, but he is trying to shift the blame back on her. Her family wanted the $4m home she herself designed and allergy-proofed for her children who had allergies. She was a brilliant architect and she truly loved her children. What must they be thinking when their own father wouldn't let them attend the memorial service for their mother held in NY by Mary's parents? And how are her parents and family supposed to visit her grave when she is in Hyannisport. Cheryl Hines open your eyes before you get pregnant. You've done enough collateral damage to these poor kids!


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