An App for Ridgefield Schools

A high school junior develops an App for all Ridgefield Public Schools.

Wondering if there’s a cancellation for a Ridgefield school on that wintery morning? Now there’s an App for that.

Designed by 16-year-old Ridgefield High School junior Devin Gund, the RPS App provides school district alerts, a news feed for Ridgefield schools, easy links to all of Ridgefield’s school-related web pages and a notepad to list homework.

Gund said he began the App during last year’s week-long power outage after the freak October snow storm.

“My original goal for the app was for it to alert the user of any school closings or delays, and allow students to check their homework,” said Gund.  “I wanted to move the Ridgefield school system into the new field of mobile applications. I believe that schools should stay up to par with current technologies in order to benefit students, parents and staff.”

“The RHS App provides all of the information a parent or student needs for Ridgefield Public Schools in one easy-to-view place. With school pages and teacher web pages available for all schools in the district, the app provides an easy way to stay updated on homework and other school events.”

Gund consulted with the district’s information technology director and last year’s RHS Principal while working on the RPS App. He has plans to pursue software engineering in college and later as a profession. He’s already started his own business, ExecuCode.com, which offers App development for businesses and schools, and is “planning to work with other schools in Connecticut and the region to crate apps for them as well,” said Gund.

Gund believes that “the goal of the smart phone market will be to integrate smart phones into all parts of everyday life.” With an App for everything and the continual prevalence of smart phones, the market appears to be open for new software and developers. In the future, Gund said he’d like to get into App game development as well.  

The RPS App is currently only available for iPhones and can be found at the iTunes store by searching for 'Devin Gund.' Gund said that an Android version “is in the works.” 

S October 11, 2012 at 11:48 AM
Great job Devin! Daughter heard it On the morning show at school...we downloaded to phones and iPads! Brilliant and works wonderfully!
Kathy Pakiela October 12, 2012 at 01:27 PM
This works great..it was much faster accessing the Teacher Web page then going through RPS general site...way to go Devin :)


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