Ridgefield Community Jumps at Chance to Help Family Displaced by Fire

Neighbors and the larger community took to Facebook to organize donations for the family of five (six if you count the dog).

After a massive fire destroyed a Ridgefield family’s home and possessions Sunday evening, the community quickly came together to help them rebuild.

In a post on the Ridgefield, CT Facebook page (closed group), a community member posted some details about the family and a request for some basic items.

“Family and dogs are safe,” Karen Blaine Yagnesak posted, however, “They are left with nothing.”

The family — a father, mother, 17- and 13-year-old boys, a 7-year-old girl and their dog — is in need of clothing, toiletries and other daily necessities, as well as basic entertainment, such as books and games.

Clothing and other donations in good condition are welcome, though gift cards are best (particularly since the family will be moving soon).

Residents on the Facebook page immediately rose to the occasion, offering up assistance and even thinking outside the box.

“Please have the family stop by Bissell pharmacy,” Ed Karvosky wrote. “I would like to donate any items that they need.”

“Are the kids starting camps this week?” another asked. “I can bring totes with towels/sunscreen/bug spray etc if so.”

“They will need mattresses and new appliances for their new apartment/place. That’s what we needed after a fire five years ago,” another resident posted. “Also, kitchen stuff if that all got destroyed. (Not tons of silverware, but pots and pans.) Department store Gift Cards too!”

Donations can be brought to the neighbor’s home at 16 Standish Drive.

“Ridgefield must be the best community in the country!” Yagnesak wrote in her post after seeing the response. “You are all wonderful.”


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