Ridgefield Music Video Documents Historic Significance of Cupcakes

Local youths turned a song written at the annual Young Writer's Conference into an "educational" music video.

A group of Ridgefield students turned the (entirely fact-based, I’m sure) history of the cupcake into an educational music video.

The video, posted to YouTube, chronicles the historic importance of the cupcake, from adorning the pyramids to crossing the Delaware River with General Washington to a future that will include uranium-laced synthetic milk.

The song was composed by a team of 15 Ridgefield 5th graders working together at the Young Writer’s Conference. Team leader Noah Manheimer then took the song to the teens at the Enchanted Garden workshop in Ridgefield for production.

Production also included filming on scene at The Cake Box.

Watch the full video above or check it out on YouTube.

Noah Siddiqui: Lead Vocal and Drums
Maddie Van Meter and Phoebe Satterwhite: Background Vocals
Kyle Duke and Jaedon Bock: Guitar
Joel Lee: Bass
Ping Xu: Magical Cupcake Dance
Noah Manheimer: Arrangement, Recording, Mixing, Video Production
Robert Byrnes: Cupcake Engineer
Zoe and Skylar Manheimer: Cuteness
15 Ridgefield 5th Graders: Co-Writers


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