Nelson Needs a Home

Nelson needs a home and it's cold outside.
Nelson needs a home and it's cold outside.
Nelson turned up in the backyard.

As it became colder he could be seen early in the morning, curled up in the damp leaves trying to warm up in the first rays of sunshine. He had no identification and didn't seem to be going back home. So we were called.

Nelson is a long lean beautiful brown tabby. He had become a bit thin but is now eating well and putting on weight. He was already neutered so we believe he belonged to someone at one point but no one has come searching for him. 

Animals In Distress is a no-kill Cat Shelter located at 238 Danbury Road. We are open on Saturdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm or during the week by appointment. Email kittiesforkeeps@gmail.com or call 203-762-2006
online application http://animals-in-distress.com/adoptionform/catadoptionform.html


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