Does Ridgefield Have the Best Main Street in America?

Last chance to help Ridgefield get to the next round of voting in Parade Magazine's Best Main Street in America contest.

Voting closes just before midnight Sunday in the first round of Parade Magazine’s contest for the Best Main Street in America and Ridgefield is in the running.

If Ridgefield’s Main Street receives more votes than Ellicott City, MD, it will continue on to the quarterfinals on Monday have a chance to make the magazine’s cover this summer.

While Parade notes Ridgefield’s likeness to a “Norman Rockwell painting,” citing downtown’s “historic homes, quaint shops and beautiful Ballard Park,” Ellicott City is putting up a fight.

As of Sunday afternoon, Ellicott City was beating out Ridgefield with 58.15 percent of the vote.

See the full bracket on Parade’s website and scroll down to vote in each tier in the round of 16.

NewFairfieldResident June 30, 2014 at 12:08 AM
Do you really think all those real estate offices and nail salons makes for the most beautiful Main Street? Really? Sad to see people voting, not because Ridgefield has the nicer Main Street, but just so you can say you won. People are talking about how to cheat, how to vote twice. Jeez, is this who Ridgefield is? A bunch of cheaters? And then what happens if Ridgefield wins? Do you really have the best looking Main Street? Or did you just get the most people to vote? The award becomes meaningless. Say, I know, how about voting for the nicer Main Street, then if you win, you can HONESTLY feel proud.
oldtimer June 30, 2014 at 07:32 AM
JA, you know, I think I will take a closer look at Bethel on my next road trip. RDG does have an esthetically nice looking street, but the overload of RE agencies is dis-heartening.
Nicole July 02, 2014 at 09:33 PM
Those of us born and raised in Ridgefield in the 60's and 70's know that this town is barely a shadow of it's previous self. It used to be a humble, beautiful place to be.
BachUs July 02, 2014 at 10:04 PM
Who to blame.... There are some builders who just want to make a buck. They don't care what they knock down. They plow the charm under and replace it with modern buildings that I think look terrible..... Then there are the entitled school parents who are so quick to spend money without even thinking about it. It doesn't make their children smarter, but they think it does. Do you know the schools bought a very expensive set of bongos - because obviously children can't get a good education without bongos. But the real rub is that the bongos were purchased two years ago and have never been used. They just sit in a closet. They do no one any good, but some parents can be satisfied that we spent a lot of money. That seems to be the thinking, as long as we're spending money, life is good.
rebel patriot July 04, 2014 at 05:46 PM
Marconi sucks! He is pushing to get Eureka's property built with hundreds of condo's. It's coming to Ridgefield soon and Marconi won't let anyone get in his way. (I wonder how much money he got from them).


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